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Comparing bright 35 mm (semi-wide) lenses (9 lenses ranging from the Nikkor 35/1.4 to the Flektogon)

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Note, please:
Welcome to something very much under construction, as – basically – there is very little here yet. That does not mean, that we have nothing to say (au contraire, chers amis), simply that we have not yet had the time to do the photo editing and write-ups these reviews necessitate.

By time, you will find here reviews and comparisons which focus on a wide spectrum of legacy lenses. We are currently working on the following comparisons (which naturally will also spawn reviews of the involved lenses):

  • Ultra-bright (f/1.2) standard lenses (From the relatively modest Porst 55/1.2 to the famed Hexanon 57/1.2)
  • Bright (f/1.4) Standard lenses (17 lenses, with samples from all major manufacturers)
  • We are also aiming to produce similar comparisons for other interesting focal lengths (28, 85, 135 as well as normal legacy zooms), but are currently still lacking some critical samples.